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Trips and Visits

Upcoming Residential Trips (Reverse order)

Enrichment Week (9-13 July 2018) Residential Trips:

If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium Grant funding, all ENRICHMENT WEEK trips will attract a 50% discount.

Year 7: Kingswood Centre, Kent 2018 (Grosvenor - Inspiring Learning)
Trip Leader: Sarah Campton - Progress Leader (Y7)
Deputy:        Sahrish Rafiq (Teacher of Science)
Staff:            Nicola Davies (Teacher of Mathematics), Natalie Pearsall (Progress Manager/First Aid), Laura Monk (Head of  Dance), Michael Raynor (Teacher of PE)
Y7 Enrichment Week Residential Letter 2018
(Presentation will be displayed here once the Visit Information Evening has taken place)

Year 8: France 2018 inc. Sealife Centre Boulogne, Rouen, Bayeux Tapestry & DisneyLand Paris (Varsity Travel)
Trip Leader:  Laura Laszcz (Assitant Headteacher)
Deputy:        Michael McCulley (Deputy Headteacher/EVC)
Staff:            Amber Shipley (Head of History), Mark Willard (Second in Science), Sarah Blyth (Head of Music), Cheryl Grantham (Literacy Coordinator/English)
Presentation to Students in assembly Friday 24 November 2018
Letter to parents with details of the trip, contract and when payments are due
Video link regarding DisneyLand Paris 25th Anniversary 2018

Year 9: Visit to Barcelona, inc. Barcelona FC museum, the Gaudi Experience, Fantasia Water Park (NST Travel)
Trip Leader: Marianne Pierre (Progress Leader, Y8/9)
Deputy:         TBC
Staff:             Giovanni Discenza (Head of MFL), Elizabeth Wootton (Teacher of MFL), Jonathan Lambdon (Teacher of Mathematics)
Letter to parents with details of the trip, contract and when payments are due
(Presentation will be displayed here once the Visit Information Evening has taken place)


GCSE French Language immersion residential visit to Château de la Baudonnière, France, March 2018
Trip Leader: Elizabeth Wootton (Teacher of MFL)
Deputy:        Michael McCulley (Deputy Headteacher/EVC)
Staff:            Marianne Pierre (Progress Leader/Teacher of MFL)
Presentation and itinerary from information evening - 13 February 2018
Château de la Baudonnière Leaflet 1
Château de la Baudonnière Leaflet 2

Miss Thompson - KS4 Austria Ski Trip Easter 2018:
Trip Leader:  Nicola Thompson (Assitant Headteacher)
Deputy:          Michael McCulley (Deputy Headteacher/EVC)
Staff:              Michael Rayner (Teacher of PE)
Presentation from Tour Operator
Presentation from Sub32 (Equipment Company)

Camps International School Expeditions
School Contact:    Ms Thompson - Assistant Headteacher
2018 - Borneo (4 weeks - Summer holidays)
2019 - Equador (4 weeks - Summer holidays)



For past, archived trips and visits, see this page.

Insurance Documents:

Henley in Arden School - 64822134 - 2018 Insurance Documents


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