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Examination results

GCSE Grading is changing this year.  This document will help you understand these changes.

Examination Results and DfE Performance Data


What exactly is Progress 8, and what does it mean?

Watch this short, three minute video:


2017 initial headlines - full results coming soon

Here at Henley-in-Arden School, we are delighted to once again be celebrating some amazing results with seven of our pupils gaining a “full house” of 8 or more A*-A grades including our top performing pupil who gained an outstanding eleven GCSEs at A*-A or equivalent, seven of which were A*.

Nearly 84 per cent of our pupils gained a pass in English and 73 per cent gained a pass in maths. The proportion of pupils gaining a strong pass (i.e. a grade five or above) is higher than the national average in maths and we are particularly pleased with our English grades where the percentage of pupils gaining strong passes is ten per cent higher than the national average.

Headteacher, Steve Jefferies, said “In a year of unprecedented change to the exam system and to the way schools are measured, until national progress figures are released it will not be possible to give firm whole school figures but I’m particularly proud that in our genuinely comprehensive school, pupils from differing backgrounds have done better than ever before.  Our pupils have achieved highly and I congratulate pupils, parents and staff on another excellent year.”


2016 Results

Rightly, schools are now measured in terms of the progress made by their pupils from KS2 (Year 6 SATs) to KS4 (GCSEs). The new Progress 8 figure (see video above), by which all schools are now judged, is very pleasing. Shadow data tells us that this is the highest score for the last three years, at +0.04 National Average 0.00 (Attainment 8 52.9 National Avg. 48.5); this means that pupils at Henley-in-Arden School in 2016 gained grades higher than the average for all schools nationally, and their scores are also better than the average for all Warwickshire Local Authority schools (see table below). In simple terms, half of schools nationally have a negative Progress 8 (below '0') and half of schools have a positive score. We're pleased to report that our score is within the positive half of the range.

What about the Value Added Trends over time, expressed as a figure above or below 1,000?

Initial calculations show that this year, pupils at Henley-in-Arden School made the best progress ever in terms of best 8 Value Added, with a value added figure of 1,008 (again, above the national figure of 1,000, shown in orange); this is the first time since Value Added figures have been calculated that this figure has been over 1,000 for Henley, continuing the rapid trend of improvement over the last three years.


Remarkably, in English, 39% and in Maths, 38% of pupils made progress that exceeds the legacy national expectation from the DfE.

In terms of overall attainment, the Capped 8 points score[1] rose significantly to 338.06; by a wide margin, this is the highest score for many years.  The Capped 8 Points score with English and Maths[2] also rose significantly to 337.84, again being the highest score for many years.

These outcomes do not happen by accident and are a testament to the dedication and hard-work invested by the students as well as the excellent support and guidance provided by staff, governors and parents. 

Congratulations to all involved on achieving our best ever progress!

Mr Steven Jefferies

[1] Capped 8 Points score is the average points score per pupil taking the best 8 qualifications for each pupil

[2] Capped 8 with English and Maths is the average points score per pupil taking the best 8 qualifications including English and Maths

N.B. All comparisons with national performance are based on the 2016 national data where possible or 2015 data where these data are not yet available; Progress 8 calculations are based on the 2016 logic/Attainment 8 estimates.


Click below to download our Provisional 2016 School Performance Tables information, and our full examination results summary:

Click this link (below) for our Provisional 2016 Full Data Summary:
2016 Performance Data and Examination Results in Full

DfE Performance Tables data for Henley-in-Arden School