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School finishes at 1.00pm on Friday 21st July.
Buses and taxis have been notified to collect pupils at this time. Please can parents ensure that pupils can be collected from their drop off points at the earlier time

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Advice, Well-being & Health

Keeping Children Safe in Education

1. Well-being 

Pastoral Leadership Team

As well as all of the general support below, we are, of course here to help. Should students have any concerns when they are in school, they should speak to their form tutor, or Pastoral Managers, or any adult with whom they feel comfortable in school to talk. All staff have regular child protection training.

Mr Stephen Butt
Pastoral & Safeguarding

Mme Marriane Pierre
Progress Leader: Years 8 & 9 

Mrs Nicola Thompson
Progress Leader: Years 10 & 11

Mrs Sarah Campton
Progress Leader: Transition and Year 7 

Pastoral Managers

Mr Richard Eaton
Years 7,8 & 9 

Mrs Lisa Darby

Years 10 & 11 

Although our Pastoral Managers mainly focus on their particular year groups, they are available to support pupils and their parents from any year group.


2. I'm worried - where can I find more advice and guidance?

BBC Advice
Advice all sorts of things, from
growing up, to exam stress to
relationships and more!


Think-U-Know from CEOP
Are you really safe online?
Guidance for children & carers.
Click here to find out more:

Need to talk?
Call 0800 1111 
or click here:

Respect Yourself
Relationship and sex ed'
support for secondary age
students. Click here:


Promoting British Values
What are the fundamental
British values we promote?
Click here to find out more:

Extreme views have no
place in British society.
Find out more:

More Useful Links


3. Health

Who are we?
Registered Nurses with additional qualifications/experience:

Ms J Wild
School Nurse


Ms E Walker
Community Staff Nurse
(School Nursing)​


Ms C  Burton
Senior Schools 
Nurse Assistant


Contact Number
01789 405120

What do we do?
We work both in and out of School to provide CONFIDENTIAL support around:

  • Keeping Healthy; Emotional Health; Weight Management; Sexual Health; Drugs and Alcohol; Smoking Cessation; Immunisations; More support for those who need it most; Supporting long term conditions; Drop In clinics- at your school this is on a Tuesday at lunchtime; One-to-One appointments in school; Advice/support for parents/school if requested; Staff training.


Other useful Health links, including support with mental health and stress